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The little owl, Latin name Athene Noctua.
Tetley is a little owl and is one of the smallest of our British owls no bigger than a starling in length.
Tetley was hatched on 22nd May 2014 and I have had her since she was 3 weeks old.
She is a cheeky little thing and is also very nosey she likes to see what's going on all the time, she peeps around corners when she thinks you're not looking.
She doesn't like to be caught straight away and leads me a right merry dance around the aviary every single time I try to catch her.
She weights' on average between 5.5 ounces and 6.5 ounces which is the right weight for a little owl.
Her diets consists of: mice, day old chicks, and Weaner rats and is partial to meal worms.
Little owls are farmland birds and like worms and insects in the wild which they catch by stamping their feet on the ground.
They like to nest in rabbit holes and sometimes upgrade to larger nest boxes but they don't make nests. They lay 3-4 white eggs between early April and mid-May. Incubation period is 29-31 days and they fledge after 37-41 days.

Latest News

Torbay Owls Club night

Februarys club night had to be postponed due to bad weather but the good news is we are holding it in Galmpton Village Hall as usual o Wednesday 14th March from 7 until 9pm.

Hope to see you there!

Christmas Fayre

Join us at St Michaels Church Hall Kingsteignton on Saturday 18th Novenber for their Christmas Fayre 11-3


Torbay Owls outdoor events are almost over after a very enjoyable & successful year with one remaining event in November although our weekly visits to local Nursing & residential homes continue throughout the year.

If you would like to book us for your event next year we would advise you to do so as soon as possible as our calendar fills up very quickly.

Babbacombe Rotary Fair Wednesday 21st June 2017 10am until 4pm

Babbacombe Rotary Fair onBabbacobe Downs

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