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Tansy is my Tawny owl and is most commonly found in the British Isles and Europe . Their short broad wings enables them to manoeuvre very easily in wooded areas. They live in forests by rivers, farmlands, parks and in gardens with lots of trees. Their diet in the wild consists of small mammals, birds, reptiles, frogs, fish and some insects. My owl Tansy has a varied diet of Chicks, mice, quail and small rats. The tawny owl is the typical twit twoo sound and Tansy is very vocal. The females make the high pitched twit sound and the males reply with the twoo and Tansy loves calling in all the males at night and it is a lovely sound to listen to. (better than seagulls).

I have only had Tansy since April 16th 2016 until then she lived with another club member.  Tansy first came to our club as a rescue bird, she was originally taken from the wild and kept in appalling conditions in an outside room, our club got to hear about it and rescued her but unfortunately she could no longer go back to the wild, so has been with us ever since. We think she is about 9 years old and in captivity could quite easily live until she's 18. She weights on average 1lb 2-4oz. She has a wing span of around 94cm-105cm and is very impressive when she spreads her wings as you can see.

Latest News

Torbay Owls Club night

Februarys club night had to be postponed due to bad weather but the good news is we are holding it in Galmpton Village Hall as usual o Wednesday 14th March from 7 until 9pm.

Hope to see you there!

Christmas Fayre

Join us at St Michaels Church Hall Kingsteignton on Saturday 18th Novenber for their Christmas Fayre 11-3


Torbay Owls outdoor events are almost over after a very enjoyable & successful year with one remaining event in November although our weekly visits to local Nursing & residential homes continue throughout the year.

If you would like to book us for your event next year we would advise you to do so as soon as possible as our calendar fills up very quickly.

Babbacombe Rotary Fair Wednesday 21st June 2017 10am until 4pm

Babbacombe Rotary Fair onBabbacobe Downs

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